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With the First Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft...

I've come a long way to making this pick. First I was going to create a list of possible targets and evaluate them like regular draft prospects. After some thorough film evaluation, I would see how each player fit into my schemes, and each prospect would be given a grade. Then I realized I know nothing about flag football.

With the above plan scrapped, I was left to rely on what little knowledge I had from my high school gym classes.

Let's flash back several years...

Defensively, the young version of myself huffed and puffed down the field in a futile attempt to catch the high school jocks. I'd run. They'd run faster. It was like a race between the Roadrunner and Porky Pig. Perhaps I just wasn't made for the defensive side of the ball.

The offense would take the field and off we'd go yet again, running routes and yelling for the ball. This was my time to shine, surely. Like a crafty veteran, I was great at finding the weak spots in the defense. There were times when I'd be left wide open for entire games. For some reason the quarterback always looked for other players. Just chalk it up to one of life's mysteries I guess, but we're getting off topic...

I learned important lessons during these classes. I should eat less carbs. My parents really didn't give me very good genes. Speed is directly correlated to both popularity and on-field success. Being the football savant that I am, I figured the last lesson would be best to use for this post. So with the first pick I targeted speed.

Chris Johnson has the tremendous honour of being the first pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft. While CJ has struggled sucked at contact football recently, I wanted someone with speed to burn. With so much open field space he should be able to create a lot of home run plays for the team. I want to see those long highlight reel plays again, with CJ zooming past defenders and hitting paydirt.

I can use him on short pass plays consistently as well. Even with his poor catching skills his speed will create separation from the defender early on and freeing him for easy catches. No more excuses about Amano's blocking, there will be plenty of room to run.

I considered a receiver in this spot, but since the Titans have several good ones (pause and absorb that for a moment) I decided to wait on one for at least another round. I simply couldn't pass up an opportunity to land the fastest player on the Titans.

It helps that I know Jimmy wanted CJ. Nabbing a player the boss wanted should allow me to gain his respect. That or tick him off. Could go either way really.