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MCM Scavenger Hunt: Round Seven

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Welcome back to another week of the MCM Scavenger Hunt! Only a few weeks till football is back in the news, and the Preseason starts NEXT MONTH. But that's still a while away. So, until then we have to continue to entertain ourselves. Why not embark on another scavenger hunt? The rules are the same.

1. I will not be emailing the participants back. If you email me some answers, you can email me the rest later.
2. First person to email all answers wins.
3. If you don't email all answers, your score will be based off of the point system.
4. I will stop taking emails at 12:00 midnight on Tuesday, the 17th, CDT (right after 11:59 of the 16th)
5. The result post will have the answers and the results for all participants.

Now, on to the results of last week's hunt!

In third place, in his first week of participation, with 10.5 points is BuzzdLightyear!

In second place, with 21.5 points in his first week of participation, is Alijeal!

And in first, one answer shy of the perfect score of 37 is Jason Jones!

Tier One (1 point):

Which Titan was suspended in 2010 for juicing?

How many current Titans have been selected to a Pro Bowl?

Who is duslin?

Tier Two (3 points):

Which AFC North team did we have to cheer for in early 2012 in order for the Titans to make the playoffs?

What other Nashville-based group is initialed as "MCM"?

Who does have ranked as the 101st best fantasy player of 2012?

Tier Three (5 points):

How did Rob Riggle allude to the Saints' bounty scandal during the ESPYs?

Which Texan did Jeff Fisher's new favorite running back get in a mini "fight" with in 2009?

Who asked the question after a football game "How about that ass whuppin'?"

Tier Four (10 points):

According to Viacom, what is the end result when "DirecTV drops your favorite channels"?