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Cleveland Browns Select Josh Gordon in NFL Supplemental Draft

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The NFL Supplemental Draft is taking place right now, but the Cleveland Browns surprised pretty much everyone today (kind of) by taking Baylor WR Josh Gordon in the second round. Most people thought it would be the Browns that selected him, but almost no one had them doing it before the third round.

Gordon has the size you look for in a receiver, but there are a lot of questions that surround him. It will be interesting to see if he can make an impact in 2012.

An interesting side note: There were rumors after the draft that the Browns were ready to take Kendall Wright with their second first round pick in last April's draft. They apparently love the Baylor program.

Since Cleveland used a second round pick on Gordon today, they will forfeit a second round pick in next year's draft. It is almost like they get a redshirt year for Gordon.