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Matt Williamson Grades the Titans Offseason

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Matt Williamson graded the offseason of every NFL team earlier this week (In$ider). He gave the Tennessee Titans a C and listed all of the concerns that we have talked about at length here this offseason- interior offensive line and depth at corner being the biggest concerns. He also listed Donnie Avery as a key free agency loss. That made me laugh.

He had some good things to say about the draft class including this:

But Tennessee does have two intriguing midround picks in Sensabaugh and Thompson. Maybe Sensabaugh will alleviate some of the concerns at cornerback, while Thompson, who didn't play tight end in college but has tremendous potential, is about as interesting a draft pick as there was this year. I can't wait to see him this preseason.

It is safe to say that everyone is intrigued to see what Thompson will do in the preseason, but this is the first place I remember anyone specifically mentioning Sensabaugh as a guy to watch. There is going to be a very intriguing battle for the third corner spot between Sensabaugh, Tommie Campbell, Chris Hawkins and Ryan Mouton in camp. The early money for me is on Hawkins, but it is wide open at this point.