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Major League Baseball All-Star Game Open Thread


It is stupid that the MLB All-Star game decides home field advantage in the World Series, but I still really enjoy watching this game. There is no debate that this is the best of the all-star games in the four major sports.

There was a time where I really loved watching the home run derby, but I didn't watch one second of it last night- pretty sure I didn't miss anything. Jose Canseco tweeted out yesterday that he would win the derby if they let him enter. I really wish they would have taken him up on that.

I also really wish the NL wasn't being managed by Tony LaRussa tonight. Outside of Dusty Baker, there is not a manager I hate more in this history of baseball than LaRussa.

So are you watching the game tonight? If so, who do you want to win? I am an NL guy, so I will be rooting for them.