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I Love a Quiet Titans Offseason

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No news is good news for this man.
No news is good news for this man.

The NFL's offseason has slowed to a crawl, resulting in very little news coming out of Tennessee these days. Apart from getting a lot of coachspeak about how players are improving and developing, the Titans haven't been in the headlines for quite some time. That's good news for Titans fans. If you see your favourite player come across the NFL's news feed, its likely not something that will put a smile on your face.

The latest example of this is Adrian Peterson, as August mentioned in the links yesterday. He was charged with resisting arrest on Saturday. I don't want to get into all of it here, as it's something Vikings fans will have to sort out for themselves. The point remains that if your player is an offseason headliner, it's likely not a good thing.

As I look around SBN blogs, I'm reminded of many other cautionary tales we've already seen in the past months. The Saints bounty scandal is the biggest headline, but there have been already many other issues. DUI seems to be a common charge for many NFL players, as we've seen the tag hit the Lions' Nick Fairley (arrested twice in two months) and Aaron Berry, the Jags' Justin Blackmon, and the Buccaneers' free agent addition Eric Wright. Even Lions' president Tom Lewand was charged with a DUI.

The Titans are certainly familiar with offseason headlines. Kenny Britt and Vince Young provided Titans fans with many in the past few years, but fortunately the remaining Titan hasn't done anything this year. I've always felt it's best for a team to remain under the radar and away from media coverage, so clearly I'm pleased so far.

This quiet lull reflects well on Munchak as well. In the last few years of Fisher's tenure there were reports of relaxed discipline, a country club-like atmosphere. Whenever a new coach comes in they're going to talk about accountability and responsibility, and it seems that message has hit home. I don't expect Munchak to be able to control everything, and perhaps a Titan will land himself in hot water in the coming weeks, but we can only evaluate the evidence we have so far.

So enjoy this quiet time. I'd rather not have anything to talk about.