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Chris Johnson A Comeback Player of the Year Candidate

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Ryan Wilson of the CBS NFL blog has put out a list of 10 players who are his top NFL comeback candidates of the year, and Chris Johnson is his #10 player. Here is what he had to say about CJ:

If Johnson had it to do over again, we're guessing he wouldn't hold out on the heels of a lockout. The Titans eventually caved last summer and paid him $53.5 million over four years. And for that they got this: a grand total of 302 rushing yards through the fist nine weeks of the season before he finished 2011 with 1,047 yards, 300 fewer yards than he gained in 2010 and almost a 1,000 yards fewer than he ran for in 2009. Johnson was also third from the bottom in Football Outsides' RB efficiency metric. But this offseason, the former first-round pick did something he normally hadn't: regularly showed his face at OTAs. In previous years, he trained in Florida with his trainer, something plenty of veteran players do. Now he's working out with the team five days a week, is in much better shape than he was 12 months ago, and has drawn glowing reviews from offensive coordinator Chris Palmer. "C.J. has worked very hard. He is here, running hard and working hard. I'm very optimistic about how he's going to perform this (fall)." So are we.
All things point to CJ having a bounce back season this year. He has had nearly perfect attendance at the facility this offseason and has been working hard. Hopefully his effort on the field will reflect that this year.