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MCM Scavenger Hunt: Round Two

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Hello MCMers! It's that time a week again! Round 2 of the MCM Scavenger Hunt.

Different rules this week.

1. I will not be emailing the participants back. If you email me some answers, you can email me the rest later.

2. First person to email all answers wins.

3. If you don't email all answers, your score will be based off of the point system.

4. I will stop taking emails at 12:00 midnight on Sunday, the 10th, CDT (right after 11:59 of the 9th)

5. The result post will have the answers and the results for all participants. The post will be up Sunday morning.

Alright- Here we go!

Tier One (1 point):

Where do I work?

What drum do I play?

What simple drum technique is when you hit one stick nearly a millisecond before the next one, while sounding like they are hitting at the same time?

Tier Two (3 points):

What heavy metal bassist died at the age of 38 in 2010?

What is the percentage of people in the Wimbley's hometown as a ratio to the whole population of the state? (hometown/state)

Who is on the Titans 2012 calendar for June?

Tier Three (5 points):

What former Titans linebacker is pursuing a career in law after spending a few years with the Titans?

Who did Kenny Britt give his first trading card to?

What Titans Wiki pages did I change?

Tier Four (10 points):

There is a band who published the song "Welcome to the Jungle." This band has a four-man rival band that released its first album in 1981. The guitarist of this rival band has a disease. Who's is this guitarist, and what disease does he have? (This is a two-part question.Five points for getting the guitarist and five for the disease)

Go at it, MCM!

(Oops, meant to publish this later, but I accidentally hit it too early. Oh well, have fun!)