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Kenny Britt Hopes to Run and Cut Today

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A few weeks back Kenny Britt had to have a scope to clean up his knee. It was a moment of a little bit of panic for us, but everyone keeps saying that it is very common coming off of an ACL surgery, and that it should not set his return date back more than a couple of weeks. We all sleep better by repeating that to ourselves over and over.

Jim Wyatt reported yesterday that Britt hopes to run and cut for the first time today since that procedure. That is very good news, and the bright side of this is that he had this procedure done in May, instead of August like Derrick Morgan last season.

This offense can be good without Britt healthy, but it really does have a chance to be elite with him out there. We do, however, need to temper our expectations for what he will be able to do early in the year. It will take him a while to be able to play 100% of the plays at 100%.

That is why the pick of Kendall Wright was so good. Wright will give them another legitimate deep threat out there while Britt is getting back up to speed. That is going to be crucial with the September that the Titans are facing this year.