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Between the Posts 6/5/2012

Another BTP with an article from Greg Cosell. This time he talks about how good Jay Cutler is even though his numbers say that he isn't that good. Cosell says that people don't give Cutler enough credit because they don't like his demeanor.

I would contend that people don't think Cutler is that good because he hasn't been that good. Cosell says that he would have better numbers if he would have had more time with Mike Shanahan, and I would agree with that, but the fact remains that year in and year out his numbers just aren't that good.

This post is not mean to bring back the WE SHOULD HAVE DRAFTED CUTLER!!!!1111 comments that infected this site for quite a few years, but I do think we would all have to agree that Cutler has been the best of the three quarterbacks that were drafted early in the 2006 draft....of course that really isn't a very high bar.