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My Favorite Titans Highlight

Samsung, if you couldn't already tell, is sponsoring an ultimate highlight post on the NFL blog. That is a fairly easy choice for a blog that is named after the franchise's ultimate highlight.

I'll be honest, I still watch the play quite a few times a month on the sidebar of MCM, and I still get goosebumps listening to Mike Keith and Pat Ryan call the play. "THERE ARE NO FLAGS ON THE FIELD! IT'S A MIRACLE!"

Here is a funny tidbit about the Music City Miracle. Frank Wycheck has a morning show here in Nashville, and he also the color commentator on Titans Radio. This year, before the Titans made the trip to play the Bills in Buffalo, he was talking about how much the people there still hate him. He said he doesn't really leave his room much while he is up there.

Apparently they still can't get it through their heads that it really was a lateral.