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Golden Grillz: Episode 2

That's it Vince, toss it nice and high
That's it Vince, toss it nice and high

After a Successful pilot, I immediately began looking for more gold from our star running back. Chris Johnson has been voted to 3 pro bowls and has broken numerous records. He has achieved many of his life goals, but there is still one milestone he's yet to obtain. Love?


" Friends, I think I found the one. As I lay upon my leopard skin blanket, all I can think about is how much I want to be with this woman. I know, I know, I'm Chris Johnson the world's fastest man, I should be running from the ladies, but it's weird, I can't help but want to spend every waking moment with this girl. I can see it now, long walks on the beach, dinner at VY's Steakhouse, going to the salon to get our hair done. Ah yes! That's the life I envision. The problem is she acts as if I don't exist. I've done everything to try and get her attention. Lift my cars up, show up in commercials, even use my teeth to bounce the sun into her eyes. I was planning on asking Coach Munchak what I should do, but it was bright out and he couldn't see me through his squinting eye. So instead I went to my pal Eugene for advice. He said I should grab her by the shirt for a good 5-10 seconds.....I don't think I'm gonna listen to Eugene. Could it be she doesn't like me? I told her I was sorry about having Vince toss his shoulder pads at her. I thought she wanted a souvenir. Sigh, oh well. Perhaps she'll notice me when I lead the league in rushing this season. Yea, that'll show her. Well guys, I'm off to coach Palmer's office to watch film. I hope he doesn't notice me stealing his Werther's Originals. Their just so delicious! "