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Titans' Tackles Among AFC's Top Dynamic Duos

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Gary Horton of Scouts Inc did a post featuring the top 10 dynamic duos in the AFC (In$ider). Michael Roos and David Stewart of the Tennessee Titans come in at #3 behind Tom Brady and Wes Welker of the Patriots and Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown of the Steelers.

Click thorough the jump to see what Horton had to say about Roos and Stewart.

Not a lot of people talk about these tackles, but when you watch them on film, they are very impressive. The strength of their game is pass protection, and they anchor a unit that only gave up 24 sacks a year ago. Both of them have excellent footwork, and while Roos is a finesse and technician player, Stewart is a physical mauler. They rarely get beaten on the edge, and if they had better play from the inside guys, this would be the best O-line in the NFL.

What is really amazing is that the Titans got these guys in the same draft in the second and fourth rounds.

(Hat tip to Kuharsky)