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MCM Scavenger Hunt: Round Five

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That child looks strangely like Marc Mariani
That child looks strangely like Marc Mariani

Round 5- Here we go. Last week was a really slow week for the MCM Scavenger Hunt. But this week we shall return with a solid hunt. The rules are similar.

1. I will not be emailing the participants back. If you email me some answers, you can email me the rest later.
2. First person to email all answers wins.
3. If you don't email all answers, your score will be based off of the point system.
4. I will stop taking emails at 12:00 midnight on Monday, the 2nd, CDT (right after 11:59 of the 1st)
5. The result post will have the answers and the results for all participants.

Now, with the results for last week. In second place, with 17.5 points in his first week of participation: CookieMan12!

And in first place is our defending champ, with 36 points, is GoTitansGo!

Tier One (1 point):

According to what 2012 comedic sci-fi, a craving for chocolate milk means that there has been a rip in time and history?

Who is the most recent overall #1 pick to wear his college number at the combine?

Louis C.K.'s show also first aired with which other show?

Tier Two (3 points):

Which former Light Heavyweight Champion was embarrassingly knocked out by Anderson Silva?

Which current Titan shares the name of an actor that passed away in 2000 at the age of 81?

Which Nashville-based alternative rock band had to release their debut album in the UK after originating in Ohio?

Tier Three (5 points):

Which former Titan lives in Broward County, Florida and was reportedly pursuing a career in law enforcement?

Which star tight end also paints for a hobby? Proof must be provided.

Which former Titans' linebacker wore the same number at the combine (although not necessarily the same year) as the #1 pick mentioned in Tier One?

Tier Four (10 points):

The actress from last week's Tier Four obviously stars in a lot of movies. But she only starred in so many in 2008. The movies she starred in is also the number of a current Titan. Who was the first round pick of his first team the year that he entered the league?

If anyone has questions about last week's answers, feel free to ask in the comments.