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Justin Blackmon vs. Kenny Britt: What's the Difference?

Hopefully we will be seeing this at least twice in 2012.
Hopefully we will be seeing this at least twice in 2012.

"Top Receiver for AFC South Team Arrested Due to Stupidity." If the news of Justin Blackmon's arrest had been labeled his way, most of us would worry that our beloved Kenny Britt had been taken into custody again. Colts fans wouldn't be worried about Reggie Wayne. Texans fans wouldn't be worried about Andre. However, the Jags and the Titans would be able to worry. But it wasn't Kenny Britt this time. This time the Jaguars get to feel what it's like to have one of their biggest weapons on offense slip up. Someone suggested earlier on Sunday that Justin may be "going through the Kenny Britt Phase." But this simply is not true. So, what's the difference between Mr. Britt and Mr. Blackmon?

First off, Britt has had many incidents with the po-po: outstanding traffic warrants, resisting arrest, marijuana, a bar fight, eluding the police, and more. Although all of these are very bad, he has not been arrested for DUI. Despite his multiple speeding problems, he does not drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a vehicle, which will put him and many others at risk. Justin on the other hand, has been arrested for Driving Under the Influence... twice in three years. But this second time is severe. His blood alcohol concentration was a .24... three times the state's legal concentration.

According to foobarred:

At 207lbs, a .24 BAC = 15 beers in 3 hours.

Five beers an hour? That's crazy. I don't drink five root beers in an hour... and I chug them down.

This is what the mothership of SBNation had to say:

So, what does a .24 mean? Well, it means that Blackmon was very, very drunk. Just askWikipedia:

BAC (% by vol.)
* Stupor
* Loss of understanding
* Impaired sensations
* Severe motor impairment
* Loss of consciousness
* Memory blackout

This is, quite obviously, no condition to be anywhere near a car. In fact, .27 is considered "death possible" on the BAC card at Be Responsible About Drinking's site,

"He was unsteady on his feet, his speech was slurred, and his eyes were glassy and blood shot,'' Stillwater police spokesman Capt. Randy Dickerson said in a statement. "He admitted to consuming alcohol prior to driving.''

This man was in no shape to be sitting up straight, much less behind the wheel. However, he was. This is extremely bone-headed, especially since he hasn't even signed his first NFL contract! How can he expect to make a positive impact in the league when he is getting arrested for aggravated DUI before signing his contract?

Kenny Britt is entering his fourth season already (I feel like his rookie season was just yesterday). He has done his fair share of stupid things, but now he's growing up. He is now a married man, and he spent his offseason in Nashville, not Hoboken where he gets in more trouble. Maybe Justin should take advice from him in this case.

Just because he has started off his career on the wrong foot, that doesn't mean he cannot turn it around. Justin has the same opportunity as everyone else to have a great career with wise choices. So, here's to hoping he has a great career, puts up great numbers, and makes smart decisions and a positive impact on the world... as long as none of this is against our Titans.