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Between the Posts 6/3/2012

Today has been a pretty slow day outside of the news that Justin Blackmon got arrested for a DUI. Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals takes place tonight in Boston. Do a lot of you watch the NBA?

I know this is what pretty much everyone who doesn't watch the NBA says, but I really haven't watched it much sense Michael Jordan retired. I did watch it a little bit when Shaq was with the Lakers because I became a Shaq fan when he played for the Orlando Magic. I was a Magic fan because I really like Penny Hardaway.

I really did lose interest after that. Part of it is because I just don't like watching basketball that much, but the NBA turned into a pretty boring game for a while there.

I hear it is better now, but I just really don't have the desire to try and get back into it. How many of you are watching the game tonight?