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Early Bold Titans Predictions: Tom Brady Edition

Brady, meet KLUG
Brady, meet KLUG
I would like state that these are merely predictions based on what little evidence we have and my gut feelings.

Now, I sit sometimes and get these gut feelings. So, now, I'm going to share these and my predictions for the 2012 season. This won't be as focused on the 2012 Titans, but it will be more on our opponents.

I think it will be very fun to share my opinions and see some of your all's... without having an MCM Brawl.

Today I'm going to focus on the first three games on our schedule.

Week 1- The New England Patriots

First off, let's be happy about our schedule this season. Although the schedule is very scary, if we had last year's schedule this year, it would be ugly. The 2012 AFC North is going to be scary. Andy Dalton's Bengals are going to push deep in the playoffs.

Luckily, the Bengals are not going to be an issue of our Titans in the regular season; nevertheless, we do still have to play the Patriots. Like them or not, one has to respect how strong their offense is. Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. And his 2012 season will be special. One of two story-lines will take place for the Pats:
1. Tom Brady has a career year. He ranked #4 on the Top 100 Players of 2012 list by his peers. He was #1 on he 2011 list. Brady sat behind Calvin Johnson, Drew Brees, and the #1 Aaron Rodgers. Although this list means essentially nothing in reality, it means something to the players. This will likely light a fire under him to break Drew Brees's new record, even after breaking Dan Marino's record himself.
2. Tom Brady gets injured. I am a fan of Mr. Brady because of his talent and achievements. But this is what my gut is telling me. I feel like Brady may not have the protection he needs to break the passing record. Ryan Mallett will take the snaps, and we MAY see Tom relive the legacy of he predecessor, Drew Bledsoe.

Week 2- The San Diego Chargers

No one here cares how the Chargers season goes. There are only things that matter to us involving them- (1) They don't make it to the Super Bowl and (2) we beat them. Neither of those things have happened in a long time. However, there is a strong possibility that #2 happens this year. My gut tells me that we lose to the Chargers again. I hate playing them more than any other team because Rivers is a very talented passer who leads a team that just has our number. But my brain tells me that our team has the strong ability to beat the San Diego Super Chargers. If the Titans can beat the Chargers in their home, it will start a great season for our Titans, no matter how the game against the Patriots went.

Week 3- The Detroit Lions

I am a Lions fan after the Titans. Do I follow them as much as I do my Titans? No. But I did love watching them make the playoffs. They have taken the necessary steps to be an elite team in 2012. But my gut tells me that they won't. Calvin Johnson won't have the same success in 2012, and the Lions offense will deflate. Matthew Stafford will fight another shoulder injury this year (fingers crossed I'm wrong). This is a total gut feeling.

Logic tells me that the Lions are going to be a very scary team with Riley Reiff protecting the right side of the offense, Ryan Broyles will take some pressure off of Megatron, and at least one of the three rookie corners will improve the secondary. However, relying on rookies is not a solid plan. Did it work for the Titans? Yes. But that's not always the case

So, my bold prediction here: The Lions will not have a repeat season in 2012. They will have a slight setback in the promising legacy of Jim Schwartz.