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State of the Titans Roster: Defensive Tackle

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We are currently working our way through the state of the Titans roster. Today we look at the defensive tackles. We previously looked at QB, RB, WR, TE, OT, OG, C and DE.

The defensive end rotation on this roster is pretty weak after the top two, but you could make the argument that defensive tackle is the deepest position on the roster. The Titans hit a home run on two DTs in last year's draft, and everyone is raving about Mike Martin from this year's draft.

Click through the jump for a more in-depth look at the defensive tackles currently on the Titans' roster.

22 (turns 23 in December)
Contract: Entering the second year of his four-year rookie contract

Casey didn't get the pub that Klug got last season, but he was very, very good in the middle of the defense. He could be the anchor of this defense for a long time.

Contract: Entering the second year of his four-year rookie contract

Klug ended up being one of the steals 2011 NFL Draft, and he still has a lot of upside. A funny story about Klug- Gramsey asked him at the Mike Munchak bowling event if he had ever seen the short arm picture. He said that he had and thought it was funny. He also said that he didn't extend his arms all the way when they were measuring him at the combine because they didn't really tell him what they were doing. So while he does have pretty short arms, they are not as short as they were measured.

21 (turns 22 in September)
Contract: Signed a four-year $2.7 million contract

I am really excited to see what Martin can do. He is going to be someone that is going to wreak havoc in the middle.

Contract: Entering the last year of his rookie deal

Marks might be the last holdover from the Jeff Fisher draft people on combine numbers era. He needs to be good in training camp to make this roster. There is a good chance it comes down to him and Shaun Smith for a roster spot.

30 (turns 31 in August)
Contract: Entering the second year of a three-year $7.25 million contract

Smith has done all of the right things since last season ended. It will be interesting to watch his battle with Marks in camp.

Contract: Entering the second year of his four-year rookie deal

Clayton was impressive in the preseason last year. Hopefully he can build on that this season.

The feel good story of this group is undrafted rookie DaJohn Harris. Keep an eye on him in camp.