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Titans' DE Kamerion Wimbley on American Ninja Warrior

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I know that a lot of you have already seen the video of Kamerion Wimbley on American Ninja Warrior, but if you haven't, it is posted after the jump. A huge thanks to Dave Welch of G4 for sending the video over.

There is obviously no way to translate what he did out there to playing football, but there is no doubt that he is a freak athlete. That can't hurt. Some of the stuff he did out there was pretty awesome.

I cannot wait to see how Jerry Gray is going to use Wimbley in this defense. They said at the time they signed him that he is going to be a defensive end, but there is going to be more to it than that, and it is going to be really fun to watch. You have to have versatile players to have a versatile defense. The Titans have that now.

Click through the jump to watch the video.