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Tennessee Titans Second in 2012 Remaining Salary Cap Space

I got mine. Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE
I got mine. Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

Pro Football Talk has posted a list of how much salary cap space each NFL team has, and the Tennessee Titans have $19.97 million remaining. That trails only the Jacksonville Jaguars with $25.1 remaining. It would be a good idea for the Titans to go ahead and front-load deals for guys like Jason McCourty and Jared Cook to use up some of that space.

While I expect the Titans to work some deals with guys to eat up some of that space, it is a little bit surprising that they have that much money left. I am usually not one that gets upset about not spending in free agency, but it does make you wonder why they didn't make a bigger push for a pass rusher in free agency. I guess it was all that time they spent chasing Peyton Manning. I kid...kind of.

This is the last season where there is not a spending floor. Just an FYI.