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MCM Scavenger Hunt: Round Four

This may be the last time we see our Titans bring down the neck beard.
This may be the last time we see our Titans bring down the neck beard.

Happy Saturday, MCM! It's time for another MCM Scavenger Hunt! It's the same as last time, except this week there is a fifth tier, for 15 points! When you find your answers, email me at

1. I will not be emailing the participants back. If you email me some answers, you can email me the rest later.
2. First person to email all answers wins.
3. If you don't email all answers, your score will be based off of the point system.
4. I will stop taking emails at 12:00 midnight on Monday, the 25h, CDT (right after 11:59 of the 24th) because I will not have much Internet access this weekend.
5. The result post will have the answers and the results for all participants. The post will be up some time on Monday.

Tier One (1 point):

Lil Wayne and Kid Rock performed together in the CMAs once. Whose jerseys did they wear?

What was the first sentece of the third episode of MCM Radio?

rothbard posted a .gif on my post from Friday. What movie was it from?

Tier Two (3 points):

Which quarterback injured Troy Polomalu after an interception?

Which Titans defensive player said, "That is a huge honor, to be on the team that gave him his first-ever win"?

What Titan shared a college with J-Mac's cornerback draft mate?

Tier Three (5 points):

Who were the considered the best picks of each round in Oilers/Titans history in the draft, according to NFL Magazine? (Who was the best first round pick, best second round pick, etc.?)

How are Cecil Fielder and Paul Bautz connected?

What former Titan tweeted pictures of himself for #ThrowbackThursday? Evidence is needed.

Tier Four (10 points):

The rapper from last week's tier four question also re-occurred in a Latino's late night talk show. The Latino had a sitcom. In this sitcom, he had a best friend. This best friend also had a small role in a movie that was released in theaters on a Christmas Day. Who was the lead actress in this movie?

Tier Five (15 points):

(((((Kendall Wright+Jake Locker-Rob Bironas)+Steve McNair)x(Rob Bironas+Matt Hasselbeck))/Lendale White-Rusty Smith)+Jurrell Casey)-Rusty Smith=?????????