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MCM Radio Returns To Talk Titans Tonight at 9:00 Central


You read it right folks; after a hiatus born from busy real-life schedules and the doldrums of the post-draft period, Jimmy and I are back to bring you a new episode of MCM Radio! We're rested, refreshed and ready to jump all over some of the recent developments coming out of OTAs and minicamp sessions.

We'll be talking QB battles, Michael Griffin's shiny new contract, Chris Johnson's plans to play above 200 lbs., fat guys doing Hot Yoga, injuries, recoveries and everything else Titans-related. If you have anything you're dying to hears us discuss specifically you can leave suggestions in the comments.

If you can join us at 9:00 Central, click here to stream the show live and participate in the chatroom madness. Should you not be able to make it tonight you can always stream the show live at the same link, or download it through iTunes shortly after the show ends.