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The Titans QB Battle Should Be Less Controversial

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With the days of VY vs KC behind us, it seems Titans fans just can't get enough of QB competitions. The immediate reaction is to pick a side supporting one side over the other. We all have our opinions on what will happen and what should happen, but I'm not that concerned with the QB situation. In fact, I think either way we'll be fine. I want to break this down into the two situations and what I think each would mean for the team. You're going to have to jump for it though.

Jake Locker wins the job:
If this happens, its not hard to interpret what the coaching staff thinks of Jake Locker's progression. They would obviously feel he's ready for primetime. Munchak and Palmer indicated in the past that they didn't want to rush him along. The mechanics he needed to improve on will have met their acceptable standards. If he captures the starting job, he has completed his preliminary development from college to the big league and is ready for game experience. I also don't want to forget that in order to win the job he has to beat out a respected, proven veteran for the spot, so winning that competition is impressive.

Matt Hasselbeck wins the job:
This is the scenario a lot of people are dreading, but its not nearly as catastrophic as it seems. There are a lot of possible reasons Hasselbeck wins the job. Like in the Locker scenario, the winning QB will have proven over camp that he is the better of the two QBs. That is the most important reason in this hypothetical. The coaches have stated repeatedly that it is a completely open competition and the best QB will win. You can choose to believe otherwise, in which case there is no amount of evidence that will change your mind. This scenario likely means they believe Hasselbeck is better than Locker at this time. The second thing to consider is that Locker may offer more to the Titans offense, yet still not be ready to play. This really isn't that big of a deal. I think we all acknowledge Locker has some work to do on his game, we just may differ on how he can iron out those issues. The coaches might feel Locker is best served to learn on the sidelines still, and I can't fault them for that. He is the most important aspect of this team going forward and I have no issues letting the coaches develop him that way.