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Between the Posts 6/2/2012

Tonight I want to rant about the MLB.TV deal. I bought it this year because I have given up satellite, at least until football season starts, so I had a little bit of extra money. I decided it would be a good to get to watch every single Cubs game (even thought they are terrible). The thing that stinks about it is there are so many games that are blacked out.

I live in Nashville, so naturally the Braves and Reds are blacked out. I mean who can't drive 4 hours every day to see a baseball game? The thing that is really stupid about that is those two teams are blacked out no matter where they play.

Games are also blacked out if they are on national television, or if there is another game that is on national television as the same time the game that you actually want to watch is on.

I know it all has to do with the TV money that MLB gets, but the promo says "every out of market game," and that just isn't true.

Feel free to discuss this or anything else that is going on this fine Saturday evening.