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Golden Grillz: Episode 3

"Eugene's on the ground and im unharmed.......ThankGod!"
"Eugene's on the ground and im unharmed.......ThankGod!"

Things may not have gone so well for our muti-million dollar running back last year, but CJ isn't gonna just sit by fade away.


I wish you all could see how hard i've been working. I got my hair in ponytail, my teeth polished, and my collection of oddly colored socks nice and clean. I've been training extremely hard this offseason. Im even flying out to work out with my buddy Ahamard. I would have him fly down here but he keeps fumbling the dates, I think he has a problem. Anyways, i gotta get some sleep. I have film in the morning and grandpa Palmer likes to start the day with an early bird special down at the local Denny's.

If you missed the first two episodes of "Golden Grillz," you can find episode 1 here and episode 2 here. You will not be sorry if you click on those links.