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How about a game of "what if" ?

Such a badass shot!
Such a badass shot!

Alright, so lets assume things go right this year. Lets assume that having a full offseason together will in fact make us 100 times better. Lets assume that Kenny Britt will come back 100% and will play all season at a high level. Jake Locker will win the starting QB job and start with a bang week 1 vs the Patriots. Lets also say Derrick Morgan will finally play like a first round pick with no limitations while Akeem Ayers, Colin Mcarthy and Zach Brown develop into a pretty high level lb core. Assume ATV is a stud in the slot and Griff has gone back to being an absolute ball hawk. Speaking of Hawks, lets say Lavelle Hawkins, Nate Washington, Kendall Wright and co. become one of the leagues best receiving group. Oh and both Jared Cook and even Taylor Thompson give us exceptional play at the TE position. All while CJ2K delivers on his promise and once again brings excitement to the game with every touch he gets.

Lets say that the 2012 season is the year the Titans finally avoid disasters. Finally avoid drama and play up to our potential. Just how far can this team go? Does this team have the talent to win a Super Bowl or at least compete? Or are we still a few pieces away from contention?

Reality says no. Lets be honest here. We have a young team with a lot of talent. But can the team really play well enough out of the gate to beat the Patriot week 1? Can we steal the division from the upstart Texans? Is it possible? Yes it is. But this will require everything to go right, and as a Titan fan, im just not used to that happening. What about you?