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Between the Posts 6/18/12


So, this evening I was searching the MCM home page and stats for something for this upcoming Scavenger Hunt when I read and realized something... Munch conquered a milestone that we would have never thought possible. Not only did he defeat the Ravens last year... he did it as his first win ever. That's right, comrades, Munchak's first win as an NFL coach. Not the Sparkly Kittens or the Texans... It was our least favorite team in the whole league... The team that ruined our 2008 playoff chances... which led to the end of Jeff Fisher's time in Nashville.

How ironic is that? I just had to sit and smile for a bit when I realized this.

So, my question for the night is this: who do you want to see the Titans beat the most in 2012? Is it the Patriots because of the accomplishment, or is it the Texans because you hate them so much?

Discuss, MCM.