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MCM Scavenger Hunt Round 3: Results

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Alright MCM, we had a good week. Although few responded, the questions weren't anything that couldn't have been done. I can conclude that everyone had a rough week and didn't have the time to this. So, it'll be the same time next week. I am really happy for everyone that responded. Now, without further ado, the results.

First off, I would like to recognize the defending champ of the Scavenger Hunt of last week: GoTitansGo


Now, on to this week's results.

First I want to recognize Jason Jones. Although he actually answered all questions correctly, he was late on the deadline.

Now, in 4th place, with 22 points, rpeckham.

In 3rd, with 32 points, MCM's favorite GM- nolestitans3456!

In 2nd, with 32 points, is the defending champ, GoTitansGo!

Now, in 1st place, is the man who actually responded first. With all 37 points, is infinitystealth!


Thanks to all that responded this week. It was a fun week, and I am almost finished with this upcoming hunt. The answers follow. Have a great week, MCM.

Tier One (1 point):

What is my former SBN name?


Who is the Titans tight ends coach?

-John Zernhelt

What are the dimensions of the Titans flag for $40 on the Titans site?

-3’ x 5’

Tier Two (3 points):

Who is #38 for the Titans?

-Al Alfalva

What is Steve Hutchinson's number?


What website has a $45 deal on NCAAF 2013?

-Amazon and ToysRUs

Tier Three (5 points):

What was the Texan in the picture above arrested for?

-Producing shrooms

What defensive back has Kenny been hanging with during his ACL rehab?

-Ryan Mouton (Interview here)

How many Titans on the current roster share the last name of the sous chef of the nameless's restaurant?

-Three, Johnson

Tier Four (10 points):

In last week's hunt, there was a question about a guitarist with a disease. Now, we are talking about the drummer for the band that he was in. This drummer was in a environmental TV show with a rapper. What 2011 movie did the rapper have a supporting role in as a man named Brandon?

New Years Eve, and the actor was Ludacris