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Titans Player of the Week: Kendall Wright

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Think back to the draft. We were expecting Whitney Mercilus, Courtney Upshaw, Stephen Hill, or David Decastro. But Mr. Goodell didn't announce a name that we expected. I wondered if he said the wrong name. But he didn't. The Titans selected the Baylor Bear. After I raged for about a minute, I let it sink. This was a really good pick. Now, let's delve into the story of #13.


  • Kendall played for four seasons as a Baylor Bear, starting 12 of 13 games in his senior season as an inside receiver.
  • He either broke or tied 16 school records, including: 4,004 career receiving yards, 302 career receptions, 30 career receiving touchdowns, 1,663 season receiving yards, 108 season receptions, and 14 season receiving touchdowns.
  • Last season he also had 10 rushing attempts for 72 yards.
  • Last season, he made the First-Team All-Big 12.

    (Courtesy of the Baylor Bears Website)

Personal Facts

  • He was born on November 12th of 1989 in Mount Pleasant, Texas.
  • He attended Pittsburgh High in Pittsburgh, Texas. Surprisingly, he didn't play wideout. He played QB and cornerback.
  • The future Titans star stands at 5'10", weighing 190 pounds.
  • If not for the Titans taking Wright, Colt McCoy would not be in the trouble he's in:
    "While some people questioned the selection, Webster found comfort in the fact that the Cleveland Browns, who selected at number twenty-two, just two spots behind the Titans were set to select Wright if he had been available" (The Examiner).
  • Expectations

    Kendall Wright- the surprise pick. He flew under the radar of most MCMers... but he has arrived in Nashville to surprise us all. However, we don't need to worry about our boy, #13, being a problem in the Titans locker room. In a pre-draft interview shared on Chicago's Sun-Times's website, he displayed his modesty:

    ‘‘I just stay laid-back,’’ he said. ‘‘I’m actually glad RG3 got all the attention, and nobody bothers me.’’
    He may be many things, but a diva isn’t among them.
    What’s his message to NFL GMs?
    ‘‘I’m a very explosive playmaker, and I’m versatile,’’ he said. ‘‘I can kick-return, punt-return, whatever they need me to.’’

(Full article is here)

Luckily, we do not seem to have a diva receiver on our hands. We can expect him to come in to practice, work hard, prepare correctly, execute it in the game, and get ready for the next week. No drama, no Locker vs. Wright battles. We won't hear Kendall Wright complaining to the media about not getting enough receptions and trying to pad his stats. What matters is making the team most successful. And how can we expect him to do this? We can expect him to be maybe the most versatile weapon we have on offense, with his ability to run the ball from spread formations, playing as an explosive outside receiver, and using his experience and toughness as a slot receiver. He will be versatile enough to fill any role as a receiver; thus, if the unthinkable happens, and Kenny goes down with injury, we will have someone who can make big plays from that position. However, if Kenny doesn't go down with injury, the Titans will have one nasty offense that will haunt defensive coordinators. Kendall Wright will help lead the Titans to the playoffs and rich success in the near future.