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MCM Scavenger Hunt: Round Three


Here we go. Round three, people! Time to get your sleuth hats out and go on a scavenger hunt. Last week was not what we hoped it would be... But that's last week. This week will be have similar rules:

1. I will not be emailing the participants back. If you email me some answers, you can email me the rest later.
2. First person to email all answers wins.
3. If you don't email all answers, your score will be based off of the point system.
4. I will stop taking emails at 12:00 midnight on Monday, the 18th, CDT (right after 11:59 of the 17th) because I will not have much Internet access this weekend.
5. The result post will have the answers and the results for all participants. The post will be up some time on Monday.

Alright, MCM, here we go!

Tier One (1 point):

What is my former SBN name?

Who is the Titans tight ends coach?

What are the dimensions of the Titans flag for $40 on the Titans site?

Tier Two (3 points):

Who is #38 for the Titans?

What is Steve Hutchinson's number?

What website has a $45 deal on NCAAF 2013?

Tier Three (5 points):

What was the Texan in the picture above arrested for?

What defensive back has Kenny been hanging with during his ACL rehab?

How many Titans on the current roster share the last name of the sous chef of the nameless's restaurant?

Tier Four (10 points):

In last week's hunt, there was a question about a guitarist with a disease. Now, we are talking about the drummer for the band that he was in. This drummer was in a environmental TV show with a rapper. What 2011 movie did the rapper have a supporting role in as a man named Brandon?

Go at it!