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More on the Titans Contract Talks with Jason McCourty

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As August pointed out in the links yesterday, Jim Wyatt reported that the Tennessee Titans have been in talks about a contract extension for CB Jason McCourty. After having a bit of a rough rookie season, McCourty has turned into one of the better corner backs in the NFL. It makes good sense for them to try to lock him up now instead of when he hits the open market.

The Titans have a good bit of cap space left and some pretty big names set to hit the market after the 2012 season. That list, in addition to McCourty, includes Rob Bironas, Jared Cook and Michael Griffin, who is playing this season under the franchise tag.

I doubt either side in the Griffin negotiation will be really motivated to get something done before the season. Griff will want to hit the open market to see what money he can get, and the Titans will want to see some consistency before offering him a long-term deal.

Jared Cook is another guy that needs to show some consistency, but if he does, he is going to command huge money once he hits the open market. The Titans should get a deal done with him now, even though it is a little bit risky, because he will walk if he hits the market.

The urgency is not really the same with Bironas. He is one of the best kickers in the league, but push come to shove, they could just franchise him. We saw a lot of kickers get tagged this past offseason.