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Pacman Jones to Speak at the NFL Rookie Symposium

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It has been announced this morning that Pacman Jones will speak at this year's rookie symposium. That is an interesting turn of events for the corner back who has more career arrests than interceptions- and it really isn't close. To his credit though, he has stayed out of trouble for a couple of years now.

It is a good choice by the NFLPA to get Jones to speak. There is not a better poster boy for the troubles you can get yourself in off the field. If the rookies are going to listen to anyone, it would probably be Adam.

It would appear to be a big step for Jones to accept the invitation to speak. No doubt there was a time where he would have not wanted any part of it. I will always hate Adam for what he did to the Titans, and I will always feel that he should have done time in jail for his role in the shooting in Vegas, but I still hope that he gets his life straight.

On a lighter note, check out #PacmanJonesSpeechTopics on Twitter.