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Beating A Dead Horse: Would You Take Albert Haynesworth Back?

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Put down your pitchforks, this is only a question. Fat Al has not been a factor in the NFL since 2008 when he pretty much single handedly jumpstarted our defense. Sure he has attitude issues, can be lazy and is easily unmotivated, but he is aso the same guy with the ability to break through double teams at will and penetrate through the NFL's best offensive lineman.

At 30 years old, Haynesworth is far from finished. His ceiling is far too high to not be given a chance. If he can be put in a system where he is motivated and gets to attack the QB like he used to, it's possible Albert could return to form. What risk is there? He's a free agent that no one is looking at. We could sign him cheap, give him a shot and see how he plays. Pretty much treating him as a camp body. I mean come on, we picked up Shaun Smith who pretty much plays like an out of shape Haynesworth anyways. What say you?