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Derrick Mason Retired as a Raven Yesterday

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Let me start by saying that signing one-day contract and then retiring as a member of X team is one of the dumbest things ever. That is exactly what Derrick Mason did yesterday when he retired as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. Of course Mason has actually been retired since the middle of last season when he couldn't stick with the Jets or Texans.

When I first heard that Mason was retiring as a Raven it made me a little bit angry, but that is really just because of how much I hate the Ratbirds. Mason's numbers in Baltimore are very close to his numbers with the Oilers/Titans, and he was with the Ravens more recently. It makes sense that he would want to go out with them.

Of course you can make the argument that had he not played for Jeff Fisher his numbers here would have been much better. Fisher hates young receivers and refuses to put them on the field until they know every inch of the playbook. Mason had some developing to do when he entered the league, but he could have been on the field more often in his first three years than he was.

Either way, Mason ended up having a very good NFL career. His numbers are not going to get him in the Hall of Fame, but retiring with 943 catches for 12,061 yards and 66 touchdowns is nothing to shake a stick at.