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Stories That May or May Not Mean Anything: I Like Kendall Wright's Attitude

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Kendall Wright seems to have a really good attitude. It appears that he is ready and willing to learn. Jim Wyatt has a story about Wright spending a lot of time talking to Nate Washington during practice. Here is part of what he had to say to Wyatt in the story:

"I ask questions after every play, if I was doing something right or if I was doing something wrong," Wright said. "I ask everybody if I need to do something different. It makes it easier if you ask. If you hold it in, you will never know what to do."

Obviously you want to see rookies who come in with the attitude that they have a lot to learn instead of acting like they already know everything.

Does Wright's attitude in a June OTA mean that he will have success on the field in September? Of course not, but it does give him a better chance of success. The guys that you worry about are the ones that come in and think that what they have always done is all they need to do. Those are the guys that have trouble adjusting to the NFL.

Wright's attitude right now might not put any points on the board, but you have to like where he is headed.