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PFF Calls Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug "Secret Superstars"

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We have spent plenty of time here gushing over the combination of Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug. Both players far surpassed expectations in their rookie seasons, and that leads us to believe that the sky is the limit for them. Pro Football Focus has been equally as impressed by them.

In fact, they have an article out today calling them "secret superstars." You should head over there and read the article because there is a lot of good data that they have put together.

The best thing, to me, about that article is that in reading it you realize how loaded this defense is with young talent. Not only do you have Casey and Klug who will be entering their second year in the league, you also have Akeem Ayers and Colin McCarthy entering year two. Both of those guys were productive last year, and we all expect to see Ayers's role expanded this season with a full offseason.

One other point from that article is that Derrick Morgan actually led the team in total pressures. Morgan's numbers have been disappointing overall, but that says that he did get better as the season went along last year. He enters this season 100% healthy for the first time since he has been here. Hopefully that will allow him to play like a first round draft pick.