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Between the Posts 5/8/2012

Btpfinal_mediumThis is going to be an offseason full of concussion talk. The NFL is doing their best to keep this stuff out of the news, but Junior Seau's suicide has brought it to the forefront again. Kurt Warner said the other day that he won't be allowing his kids to play football and is taking heat for it- which is really stupid. Warner has the right to do what he thinks is best for his children as a father.

I know a lot of people that read this site have kids. I have two boys, and as much as I loved playing high school football and love the NFL, I don't think I am going to let them play football. It just isn't worth the risk. Have any of you come to the same conclusion, or do you think that is crazy?

Btpfinal_mediumMike Reiss of has an excellent read on Matt Light and his battle with Crohn's disease. I have a friend who has Crohn's and is really tough thing to live with.

Btpfinal_mediumT.O. went on Dr. Phil today with three women who have a baby T.O. That dude needs to just take some time and worry about getting his stuff straight.