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Evan Silva Ranks NFL Offensive Lines

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Evan Silva of RotoWorld has ranked the 32 offensive NFL offensive lines. He said that he used his notes from last season as well as the work done by Football Outsiders and Pro Football Focus. He also tried to factor in new players that were added, such as Steve Hutchinson for the Titans.

Silva ranked the Titans offensive line as the 6th best in the NFL. Can you imagine where they would have been if they could actually run block?

Here is what Silva had to say about the Titans O line:

While Tennessee's tackle play has been consistently outstanding and at times dominant, the interior line went sour over the past couple of seasons. The Titans shored up left guard with Hutchinson, who proved to have plenty left in the tank during a strong 2011 campaign in Minnesota. Harris has turned the corner on the other side, grading out last season as a top-15 NFL guard, according to Pro Football Focus. Amano will have to hold off Velasco in training camp. This line is elite in pass protection, and could emerge as the league's most well-rounded front five by taking a step forward in run blocking. Part of that will be up to running back Chris Johnson.

There are a lot of people that think Velasco has a bright future. I am not one of them. He would have been on the field last season if he could play at all.