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2012 Titans Draft Picks: Markelle Martin Approval Poll

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This was one of my favorite picks of this draft. There are obviously some holes in Markelle Martin's game. If there wasn't, he would not have lasted until the sixth round, but he also has a lot of upside. That is about all you can ask for from a 6th round pick.

Don't be surprised to see Martin push for some playing time in training camp. He will not ultimately beating out Michael Griffin for the job, but it is going to be really good for Griff to have some legitimate competition for the spot. That is something that hasn't happened while he has been here, and it should help him stay more focused on the task at hand.

Paul Kuharsky said right after the Titans drafted Martin that all of the descriptions he was reading on Martin made him sound a lot like Griffin. That would be a pretty good find in the sixth round.