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2012 Titans Draft Picks: Coty Sensabaugh Approval Poll

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Coty Sensabaugh is the easiest guy in this draft class to root for. If you have not already, you need to go read this story about Sensabaugh. Here is the most heart-wrenching part of the story:

When Jamaar was 16 in 2000, he was hospitalized after complaining about being tired. Coty, who was 11, remembers sitting in class when the office called and said he was being picked up by his oldest brother, Travis. Travis had never checked him out of school. Coty knew that meant something bad had happened. The two drove to the hospital, where they were told Jamaar had leukemia.

Jamaar died a few days later.

The whole thing took a week.That kid has been through a lot, and he has overcome every obstacle that was put in his way. Now he just has to prove that he can play at the NFL level. We know he can run, and that they want him to be the nickel corner. Here is to hoping he can make it happen.