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Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak Approval Poll

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Mike Munchak hasn't made any on the field decisions since his last approval poll back in January, but there is no doubt he has had a big voice in what has taken place this offseason. All indications are that he and Titans GM Ruston Webster have a very good working relationship. It should be fun to watch what they build here.

It is also going to be fun to watch what this team looks like with a full offseason. He was able to change the culture of this team in a very short time last season. It was a very refreshing change from the Jeff Fisher era, and there is no doubt that they exceeded expectations along the way. Can they do it again? Only time will tell.

Vote in the poll, and click through the jump to see the results from previous Munchak approval polls.

  • November 2011- 85%
  • December 2011- 94%
  • January 2012- 95%