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Titans GM Ruston Webster May Approval Poll


This is Ruston Webster's first shot at an approval poll. Mike Reinfeldt received an 87% approval rate in his last poll as the GM. The plan is to do these once a month, but that will be a little bit more sporadic during the offseason because there is not really anything that changes in some months. That was not the case for Webster in April.

Webster has not been the GM for very long, but he has already gone through the most important season for a GM. The Titans added Steve Hutchinson and Kamerion Wimbley in free agency. There is no doubt that they addressed some needs with those two guys.

Then there was that little thing called the NFL Draft. Webster did things a little bit differently than most people expected, but the class as a whole is no doubt very promising.

Vote in the poll. There will be a poll out for Mike Munchak later on this afternoon and one for each of the draft picks over the weekend.