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Between the Posts 5/4/2012

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Btpfinal_mediumTrust me when I say that I hate the New York Yankees as much as anyone, but it is really sad that Mariano Rivera might have ended his career last night when he tore his ACL chasing down a fly ball in batting practice. He has never been anything other than a class act. Plus he has gotten all of those saves, 650 (42 of those in the postseason), and he only throws one pitch. It reminds me of the time that I tore my foot open on a fence during BP the day before the first round of the regional tournament in high school. You know marginal high school player....Hall of Fame closer....pretty much the same thing.

Btpfinal_mediumJunior Seau's family is going to allow his brain to be studied to see if there was any damage due to concussions. You can bet that Roger Goodell will be following that process very closely.

Btpfinal_mediumThanks to oilertitan for sending an email with some suggested topics. One of his was about summer blockbuster movies. Is there any movie that his coming out this summer that you are dying to see. The summer blockbusters don't seem to be nearly as good as they used to be.

Btpfinal_mediumI loved this quote from a story about a man who "goes without money:"

Instead, he is actively promoting "his idea that money is an illusion," Sundeen said. "The Fed just prints it up, it doesn't mean anything and it's going to lead us down the road to serfdom." Suelo simply doesn't want to contribute to that, and so he lives life on his own terms.