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The One Titan Who Will Make Or Break Our Offense

Thumbs up? Thumbs are way up. (apologies to Jimmy Pardo)
Thumbs up? Thumbs are way up. (apologies to Jimmy Pardo)

For the past three years we've been raving about the addition of new offensive weapons on our offense. Now, we've got a RB who can/should be a consistent game changer, two QBs we can win with and two high-impact WRs and an exciting rookie pass catcher. We finally have talent, and we have a depth of talent that can endure an injury or two.

I don't see any way this offense is Jeff Fisher-era outdated, but one man will have to fulfill his potential to make this a complete, top 5 offense: Jared Cook.

Cook has been tantalizing since his first day in camp back in 2009, and late last year he really came on. By the end of the season, Cook came within 9 yards of breaking the franchise record for receiving yards by a TE, but he also only broke 50 yards receiving a paltry 3 times in the first 14 weeks.

This season, with explosive weapons on the edge and an offensive coordinator buying in 100% on the passing game, Cook has to be the guy to control the middle of the field. Craig Stevens is a nice receiving threat who quickly got in rhythm with Hasselbeck last season, and Taylor Thompson has tons of potential, but Jared Cook is that last piece of the puzzle that can create a week of nightmares for opposing defensive coordinators. Teams can take away the deep ball, the mid-level areas and the short routes, but nobody can take away all three. If Cook can mature into a consistent pass catching threat, teams won't be able to handle our passing game, never-mind the running game.

So mark my words: if Jared Cook can top 75 yards in about 65% of his games next season, and finish with 800-900 yards, we'll win the division and have a great shot at making noise in the playoffs no matter who is QB or how the defense performs.