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Chris Johnson Doesn't Think Peyton Manning Should be in Top 100

Less than 24 hours after we all had a laugh about a tweet from Chris Johnson because it didn't make any sense, he puts out maybe his smartest tweet ever. I am not talking about the part where he says Peyton Manning doesn't deserve a spot in the top 100. I am talking about his hashtag #TOP100ISAJOKE‬.

He couldn't be more right about that. Every year the NFL Network puts out this stupid list of the top 100 players in the game. The only reason they do it is so people will talk about it. Mission accomplished for them, I guess.

Now if you want my opinion about Peyton being in the top 100, I have to agree a little bit with CJ. It is pretty stupid that a man who has had four or five neck surgeries, I have lost count, since he last threw a pass in the NFL would be included on the list. Sure, all of the reports are that he is throwing the ball well, but no one will really know anything until he does it against an NFL defense.

Dan Hanzus of the Around the League blog on gave this as the reason that Peyton was included:

Manning came in at No. 50, a testament to both his résumé and the respect he's earned in locker rooms across the league over 14 years.

That's nice and all, but a list that is titled the "Top 100 for 2012" really shouldn't take into account someone's resume. It should be all about how said player is going to perform in 2012, and the jury is still out on that one when it comes to Peyton Manning.