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Between the Posts 5/30/2012

Btpfinal_mediumGreg Cosell, who I have featured in the BTP before, has written another excellent article. This time he takes aim at QB wins. We are obviously all too familiar with how pointless those numbers are after listening to people point to he who shall not be named's record for years.

Btpfinal_mediumThe NFL and NFLPA announced today that they will play the Pro Bowl in Hawaii this season on the Sunday before the Super Bowl. It had been rumored earlier this offseason that they were on the verge of cancelling the game. That would have been the right decision.

Btpfinal_mediumJack Bechta of NFP as the top 10 reasons why NFL players go broke. It really is mind-boggling that so many of these guys burn through the millions of dollars that they make in their NFL careers. I wonder if more education when they first enter the league would help. On one hand it seems like it would, but all of those reasons are all so obvious.

Btpfinal_mediumKordell Stewart retired today. He hasn't played in a game in 7 years.