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Golden Grillz Episode 1

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Today marks the first installment of "Golden Grillz". For those wondering, it's when I share a tweet or quote from our star running back and try to explain the hidden meaning that he simply could not fit into 140 characters. This will be more than a simple breakdown. Today, we will begin to enter the mind or Mr. 4.24 and try and comprehend the genius that is Chris Johnson.

To kick this thing off, we will begin with a "fyed up" CJ anxious for a relaxing trip:


Let us begin.

" I am filled with wondrous joy! After months of training and studying, it's time for a relaxing trip to Las Vegas. My excitement level has grown to the point where i now feel a burning sensation in the depths of my stomach. Could it be the old bottle of tequila Lendale left behind in his locker? I knew I shouldn't have taken those shots. But with Rusty Smith peer pressuring me i had no choice. I mean, he is da future... But back on topic, I am anxiously awaiting my flight. Currently I'm having a good old time in the airport casino spending a bit of pocket change that I have available thanks to me showing up for OTAs, THANKS Mr. Reindfelt! Also, I would like to thank all of my followers and fans for your continued support, especially after my down season. I'll tell you what, I will be seated in row 9, the first ten fans to find me will each receive complimentary gold grillz!! "

A huge thanks to Michael Levin from for the idea!