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Offensive Innovation Finally Finds The Way to Nashville


First off, it cracks me up that there is so much talk about what positions the receivers will play here. It obviously goes back to 2010 when Jeff Fisher said that Kenny Britt and Randy Moss couldn't be on the field at the same time because they played the same position. That sounds even dumber today than it did when he first said it.

Chris Palmer was asked yesterday what position Kendall Wright will play in the offense. Here was his response:

"We’ve put (Wright) at the "X" position," Palmer said. "That’s the position that Kenny Britt plays. (Wright will) grow from that position into playing other positions.Palmer gets that it is important for all of the receivers to be at least somewhat familiar with all of the positions. This helps if someone gets hurt. It also helps if there are some match-ups the coaching staff sees on game day that they want to exploit.

It is just refreshing to see a staff that gets that. Palmer talked about after practice yesterday:
"This game, the NFL game, is all matchups. Who is better than who? The problem is if you put two good guys on that side, they roll the coverage and take all that stuff away. Both guys will be moved around, but they may be playing the same position."

Palmer did also mention that they will try to keep Wright in the same position about 75% of the time. He mentioned that the New York Giants tried to do too many things with Mario Manningham in his rookie year and it stunted his growth.

One thing that a lot of coaches learned from the lockout last season was that it might be best to keep things simple for rookies. There were a lot of rookies that surpassed expectations last season, even with all of the time that was missed because of the lockout. A lot of that had to do with coaches not giving them as much because they didn't have the time.

It is really exciting to spend an offseason talking about everything that is going on in the passing game. That is a welcome change around these parts. I would personally like to think Chris Palmer for bringing the Titans offense into the 21st century.