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Houston Texans Wide Receiver Andre Johnson Had Knee Scoped

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My Twitter timeline has been blowing up over the last few minutes with news that Andre Johnson has his knee scoped a couple of weeks ago. He will miss OTAs with the Texans. You can expect to see a few of these stories over the next week or so as teams are on the field for the first time this offseason. It will be the first opportunity for the media to notice that a player is missing.

This procedure does not seem to be a big deal. AJ has apparently said that he will be ready for training camp. However, Texans' fans have to be a little bit concerned about the overall health of Johnson. He only played in seven games last year while battling injuries to both hamstrings. Houston did not seem to be bothered that much by his absence as they rolled to an AFC South title.

Johnson has long been a thorn in the side for the Titans, so most of us were not brokenhearted when he missed the first match-up last season (of course it didn't matter). He did come back for the second game between the two teams, but did not play for long because the Texans sat most of their guys in that game. Even in limited action, he still ended up with 2 catches for 21 yards in the week 17 match-up.