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Report: Titans Agree to Terms with Zach Brown

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That is Josina Anderson of ESPN reporting that the Titans have agreed to terms with 2nd round draft pick Zach Brown. As am I writing this, none of the Titans beat writers or the organization have confirmed the story. I am sure it is just a matter of time before they do.

While Mike Martin is my favorite pick of this class, there is no doubt that Brown is the most interesting. The Titans drew a lot of criticism on draft day for taking Brown, who Mike Mayock said was "allergic to contact."

[UPDATE]- John Glennon has confirmed the signing.

There is no doubt that Jerry Gray has some very special plans for Brown. He will be a lot more than just a 4-3 weakside linebacker, but even if he is just that, he is an immediate upgrade over Will Witherspoon.

My guess is that Brown is going to spend a lot of time getting after the quarterback. The Titans didn't address the pass rush need in the way most of expected them to in the draft- by drafting a defensive end. That means they are going to have to get a little bit more creative in their efforts to get pressure. Brown should be at the top of the list of guys that they will use to do that.